How Grandmothers Raised $27 Million to Fight AIDS – and Helped Cut Death Rates in Half

Chatelaine, November 7, 2017. By: Sadlya Ansari  A new book from the Stephen Lewis Foundation celebrates the huge difference grandmothers in Africa and Canada have made in saving lives Evelyne Bakenyaga is a grandmother from Uganda. Photo, Alexis MacDonald. In 2006, the annual number of AIDS-related deaths in eastern and southern Africa — the 21 countries most affected by the epidemic, including South A ... Continue Reading »

Grandmothers in Africa fight for an AIDS-free future

CBC Radio, October 23, 2017.  Eunice Mangwane organized the 2016 South Africa Grandmothers Gathering, where 2,000 grandmothers marched to the steps of the International AIDS Conference in Durban to deliver their human rights demands. (Max Bastard) Never underestimate the power of grandmothers. As AIDS ravaged many African countries, a generation of orphaned children became the responsibility of many grandmothe ... Continue Reading »

Book Review: “Powered by Love” delivers moving story of love, power and unity

Brunswickan, November 1, 2017. By: Uwera Nina Ntanganzwa  In the early 2000s, AIDS was the leading cause of death in Africa—one that ended millions of lives. At that time, the continent had the highest number of infectees in the world, and since people knew very little about the disease, it spread, caused many deaths and left millions of children tragically orphaned. The grandmothers of these orphans were of ... Continue Reading »

Grandmothers tell gripping stories of AIDS in Africa

Radio Canada International, October 19, 2017. Lynn Desjardins It was the grandmothers who buried their children and raised their grandchildren when no one else would help them. Photo Credit: Alexis MacDonald Millions orphaned By 2001 there were 7.5 million children orphaned by AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and, in a new book, African grandmothers tell what happened and Canadian grandmothers tell how it moved them and ... Continue Reading »

Supporting people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa by eating chili in Red Deer

Red Deer Advocate, October 18, 2017. Murray Crawford For nine years, chili for a cause has served up piping hot bowls of stick-to-your-bones chili and raised money The event started eight years ago at the Hub on Ross and has grown ever since, said Charlene Peel, GrammaLink-Africa member and chili for a cause organizer. “We made about around $2,500 that year, but every year we make a little bit more,” said Peel. ... Continue Reading »