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Spring is in the air, and all across Canada, grandmothers groups are walking in support of the grandmothers of Africa who walk with purpose every day — to attend far-away clinics and markets, to collect water and deliver grandchildren safely to school, to provide urgent home-based care, and to protest violations of their human rights.

We hope you join us again, or for the first time, in Stride to Turn the Tide!

You can plan a traditional walk in your community with grandmothers groups, family and friends, or why not try something new? The SLF is also here to help you plan a Virtual Walk — where grandmothers buy pedometers (or use smart phones), get pledges, and walk over a longer period of time to reach their chosen destinations.

However you choose to Stride, you will find the resources you need to plan your walk below!

“For Canadian grandmothers, Stride is a wonderful moment to stand — and walk — in solidarity with African grandmothers. Every step we take honours their courage and their extraordinary resolve in the face of the AIDS pandemic. My grandmothers group does a lot of creative fundraising, but Stride brings us together in a unique way — we feel deeply connected to our African sisters and to one another.”
                                                                                                 —Elizabeth, Toronto

This year, the main weekend for Stride to Turn the Tide is June 10-11, 2018.
Walks may also be held anytime in June.

It’s easy to organize or join a walk in your community!  Simply call a member of the Grandmothers Campaign Team, at 1-888-203-9990 x230, or email:

We have also included a number of updated 2018 Stride documents below, to help you plan your walk. Click on any of the items below (in burgundy) to open the document:

Walk Planning Documents

Fundraising & Walk Documents
(All of the forms can be submitted either by mail or email: either print, fill out and mail in, or save the file to your computer, type your changes, “Save As” and submit by attaching your saved copy in an email.)

Virtual Walk Documents

Promotional Tools

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