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Grandmothers groups are making and selling imaginative and beautiful items to raise money for the Campaign: tote bags, jewellery, cookbooks, note cards, aprons and t-shirts are among the products available for sale and profiled here. Click on any of the categories below to learn more about the items for sale.

Items cannot be bought directly through this website, but contact information is provided for each listing so you can connect with a member of the grandmothers group and place your order quickly and easily!

Stephen Lewis Foundation Related Items

Browse a selection of materials available for sale and on consignment from the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Art & Crafts

Browse a selection of arts and crafts available for sale from grandmother groups across the country.

Clothes & Accessories

Browse the clothes and accessories available for sale from grandmothers groups across the country.

Books, Cards, Calendars & CDs

Browse the books, cards, calendars and CDs available for sale from grandmother groups across the country.