Grandmothers’ Perennials to Help Counterparts’ Grandchildren In Africa

Brenda Miller-Adams (left) with one of the grandmothers (photos by Mike Blume)

Saturday saw the Grandmothers Giving Perennial Plant Sale take place in Portage la Prairie Saturday at the PCRC Parking lot. Brenda Miller-Adams says they raise money for grandmothers raising their grandchildren in Africa. She outlines what’s for sale.

GRANDMOTHERS GIVING 4The layout of perennials for sale

“They’re perennials that our grandmothers and some of the local Hutterite colonies donate to,” says Miller-Adams. “And then, two weeks later, we have an annual sale and a bake sale that usually happens out at the Peony Farm. We sell cinnamon buns, baked goods, and we have all kinds of annual plants for sale.”

She says the money is sent to the Stephen Lewis Foundation that goes toward grassroots projects in Africa. Miller-Adams adds they typically bring in about $1,500 from two plant sales, and also gather funding from various other events throughout the year.

“We also have a dinner that happens on Grandparent Day in September,” says Miller-Adams.

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