Granny Bulletin: April 2018

Granny Bulletin: April 2018

Welcome to the Granny Bulletin, your source for news, stories and information about exciting initiatives from the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.

In this Granny Bulletin:

  1. Grandmothers on the Move – New Podcast
  2. Mother’s Day Tributes
  3. Time to Get into your Stride
  4. Grandmothers Campaign T-Shirts
  5. Powered By Love is Nominated for a Book Award
  6. Together We Are Stronger – 2017 Year In Review

Dear Grandmothers and Grandothers,

In this month’s Granny Bulletin, we have some exciting resources and developments to share that we hope will inspire you and support the work in which you are all engaged. This Spring is a particularly busy time around the SLF, as it undoubtedly is for all of you involved with the Grandmothers Campaign. We’re looking forward to sharing further resources and developments with you over the next few months. 
We were saddened to hear from Grandmothers Campaign Advisor, Ida Nambeya, about the passing of her father earlier this month. Many of you know Ida well and we know you extend your condolences to her. We also appreciate your flexibility and understanding as events and visits that many groups across Canada had planned, featuring Ida as a the guest speaker, have been postponed or cancelled. We’ll work with you to schedule new opportunities and events in the coming months. 
Before diving into the news of the Granny Bulletin, we want to take another opportunity to say thank you.  Not only are we inspired by the tremendous, herculean efforts of African grandmothers, who are holding families and communities together, we are inspired by all of you and your commitment, enthusiasm, creativity and solidarity. 
The Grandmothers Campaign Team

1. Grandmothers on the Move – New Podcast

It’s just like listening to the radio – and it’s all about Grandmothers making a Difference.

Ilana has some news! She is launching a podcast, called ‘Grandmothers on the Move’ – with new episodes each week, featuring grandmothers around the world who are making vital contributions to their families, communities and societies!  You can find it on her website:

Of course, the podcast will also feature the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign; and every few episodes, Ilana will interview grandmothers involved in the Campaign – which we know will be exciting for everyone, since it will get the word out about your remarkable work, your dedication and its impact for an international audience, share insights from all of you who make it so vibrant, amplify the voices of African grandmothers who will be interviewed – and we certainly anticipate that it will help with starting groups in the U.S., strengthen the movement in Australia, and UK and perhaps in places we have yet to reach! 
Ilana will post her first full episode – an interview with her mother, Michele Landsberg (renowned and beloved national feminist journalist), about grandmotherhood, the power in growing older, and the passion to improve the world around us!  It will be available for listening on Ilana’s website on May 6th, just in time for Mother’s Day!  

2. Mother’s Day Tribute Cards Available Now

As members and supporters of the Grandmothers Campaign, you honour the mothers, grandmothers and caregivers in your life throughout the year by standing in solidarity with the mothers and grandmothers of Africa and the grassroots organizations that support them.
Once again this year, we wanted to let you know about the tribute cards, in case you want to send one to the women in your life. If you would like to send a Mother’s Day tribute card, you can make a donation in lieu of – or in addition to – a gift, and send a beautiful printed or electronic card to your loved one(s). You can send one of the Foundation’s two available cards yourself, have us send it on your behalf or donate online and send an e-card for immediate delivery. 

Each card features an image of an African grandmother surrounded by her grandchildren and includes the message, “I wanted to give you a gift that is truly meaningful by making a donation in your honour to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Happy Mother’s Day!”
The cards can also be given to donors as a token of thanks to acknowledge their Mother’s Day tribute donation of $10 or more, so they can give the cards to the woman or women they are honouring for Mother’s Day while supporting the mothers of sub-Saharan Arica, who are buoyed by their community organizations, working hard to secure an AIDS-free future for all children.
If your grandmothers group is interested in receiving Mother’s Day tribute cards to make available to donors who wish to make tribute donations, please contact and indicate the number of cards you would like, your group name and your mailing address.

3. Time to Get into your Stride

It’s Stride time again! And this year it’s particularly exciting, because African grandmothers have been marching in the streets of Entebbe, Uganda, in Durban, South Africa, and most recently, in Arusha, Tanzania – marching to demand their human rights be respected, promoted and protected by their local governments, national governments and internationally, as they hammer out an agenda for change at their national level Grandmothers Gatherings. They have inspired us all, and we hope that you will take their determination and energy into Stride 2018!

Grandmothers groups in Bronte, Oakville, Portage La Prairie and Victoria are ‘virtually’ striding, raising thousands of dollars for the Grandmothers Campaign and many more groups have registered to participate in walks this June.


June is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to get involved. 
If your group is interested in holding a Stride this June, we are happy to support you.
There are three things you will need: 
1. A main contact/organizer for your group’s walk.
2. A location for your walk – most groups choose a local park or trail. Virtual walks are also an option.
3. Stride pride! A few committed walkers can go a long way.  
For your walk to be covered by our Stride Insurance Policy, it will need to be held between June 1-30. In order to arrange the insurance, we need to have your confirmation by May 14.
If you’re an individual who would like to participate in a walk in your community or will be visiting a different part of Canada in June, we would be happy to connect you with a walk in that community for you to join!
Please visit for materials, online fundraising and Stride information. You can contact us at with any questions you have.

4. Grandmothers Campaign T-Shirts

Some of you will remember Linda Taberner, who since 2006, facilitated manufacturing Grandmothers Campaign t-shirts. Linda moved out of country and has moved on to new pursuits, but Bruce Peninsula Grannies have taken on this role. As grandmothers groups gear up for Stride and continuing Spring events, if your group is looking for t-shirts, please send orders or inquiries to Carol Schultz at no later than May 15, 2018. Shirts are $23 each including shipping. Further details can be found in the Marketplace on the Grandmothers Campaign website.

Also, please note that we have sold out of Stride scarves. If you are looking for something to wear to unify your group as you walk, t-shirts or other merchandise on the Marketplace site may be of interest!

5. Powered by Love is Nominated for a Book Award

This morning, the SLF will announce some exciting news about Powered by Love and since you are all integral to the Grandmothers Movement, we know you’ll be thrilled and proud! See the following message that is being shared widely, just as this Granny Bulletin is going out. 

For so many heartfelt reasons, we are ecstatic to announce that Powered by Love: A Grandmothers’ Movement to End AIDS in Africa is shortlisted for the 2018 Atlantic Book Awards

Congratulations to Goose Lane Editions, for Powered by Love’s nomination in the category for Best Atlantic-Published Book Award! Good luck to all of the talented shortlisted writers and publishers! Award recipients will be announced in Halifax, NS, on May 10, 2018!

We are also grateful for the notable acclaim the book is receiving! It helps spread word of the impact of the growing global Grandmothers’ Movement, the power of working with community-based organizations through solidarity not charity, and the centrality of human rights and gender equality in the struggle to end AIDS.

Here’s what Kofi AnnanAnnie Lennox and Jane Fonda are saying about the book and the movement.


Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General (1997-2006), Nobel Peace Prize Laureate: 

The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign is truly an inspiring and innovative movement, mobilizing a grandmother’s fierce love for her family to challenge AIDS in Africa. “Powered by Love” shares heartfelt testimonies of women who transformed their loss into a powerful narrative.

Annie Lennox, Award-winning Musician, Activist and Philanthropist: 

This is where the heart of Feminism beats for me. If you want to really know about the strength of Feminine power, check out this amazing book, Powered by Love: A Grandmothers’ Movement to End AIDS in Africa. “Ten years after they stepped in to save their communities, these indomitable grandmothers have now created a social movement focused on empowering women and children.”

Jane Fonda, Award-winning Actor, Author and Activist:

An extraordinarily moving book, filled to the brim with every extreme of the human condition, from unimaginable loss to indescribable love and profound solidarity. This is a movement that re-defines what it means to be a grandmother – and inspires us to discover the power we have as women when we join hands across continents in struggle.

As a grandmother myself, this book moved me mightily. The voices of the African grandmothers, the unimaginable grief they are facing, the incredible movement they are building – these stories will never leave you. And the purpose and solidarity the Canadian grandmothers are discovering is inspiring too. Here in the United States, we’ve got some catching up to do. American grandmothers, read this book and join a movement that is changing the world, with love!

6. Together We Are Stronger – 2017 Year In Review

The Stephen Lewis Foundation 2017 Year in Review is now available. We know that this report is a useful resource and tool for Grandmothers Groups as you speak and give workshops and presentations in your communities. You can download a copy from the SLF website and this summer we’ll get copies in the mail to the all grandmothers groups. 

Here’s an excerpt from Ilana’s letter in the Year In Review.

“I admit, I am tremendously passionate about the contents of this Annual Review! It documents the critical importance our community-based partners give to psychosocial care in overcoming the history of hardship visited upon people as a result of HIV&AIDS.

…We all know, intrinsically, that learning to cope with grief, reclaiming a sense of well-being and hope is the most profound, human and necessary goal in overcoming a crisis. But how do you measure well-being? How could we capture the world-altering and essential moment when a child traumatized by the loss of her parents feels safe and emotionally well enough to play again and have hopes for her future?

How to document all the remarkable, sensitive work of community-based organizations to bring grandmothers out of their mourning to embrace the future, muster the energy to raise another generation of children, and feel renewed joy and a sense of triumph? These aren’t ‘nice’ by-products of good programmes, they are the whole point.

…It is critical, therefore, to work with our grassroots partners to document the powerful centrepiece of psychosocial care and emotional healing, and to re-conceptualize what success looks like…beyond numbers, to real human impact. This report highlights the sophistication and beauty of that work – a breathtaking testament to the insight and dedication of all the staff, counsellors and community volunteers who work to restore a sense of well-being and promise to their communities.”

(Ilana’s full letter can be read in the 2017 Year in Review)

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