Special Granny Bulletin: April 2017

Special Granny Bulletin: April 2017

Welcome to the Granny Bulletin, your source for news, stories and information about exciting initiatives from the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.

In this Granny Bulletin:

  1. Mother’s Day Tribute Cards Available Now
  2. The Unsung S/heroes Photography Exhibit
  3. Hello Spring, Hello Stride

Dear Grandmothers and Grandothers,

We hope you will forgive the business nature of today’s special Granny Bulletin. We wanted to get some time-sensitive announcements to you about our Mother’s Day tribute cards, our photography exhibit The Unsung S/heroes, and Stride to Turn the Tide. In the next week or two, we will be sending you a full Granny Bulletin with exciting updates and lots of Campaign information!

In solidarity,
Healy, Asmita, and Megan

P.S. For those of you attending the Ottawa-Gatineau Gathering tomorrow or the Vancouver Gathering on Saturday, we will see you soon! And for those of you in Australia, Ida is very much looking forward to meeting you!

1. Mother’s Day Tribute Cards Available Now

As members and supporters of the Grandmothers Campaign, you honour the mothers, grandmothers, and women caregivers in your life throughout the year by standing in solidarity with the mothers and grandmothers of Africa and the grassroots organizations that support them. We have heard from many grandmothers group members though that they want to know about Mother’s Day tribute cards each year, as they provide an opportunity to let women caregivers in their lives know how much they matter. If you’d like to send a Mother’s Day tribute card, you can make a donation in lieu of – or in addition to – a gift, and send a beautiful printed or electronic card to your loved one(s).  You can send one of the Foundation’s two available cards yourself, have us send it on your behalf, or donate online and send an e-card for immediate delivery.

In addition, as we mentioned in the March Granny Bulletin, there is the opportunity for grandmothers groups to receive a package of Mother’s Day tribute cards to make available to donors who wish to make tribute donations.

Each card features an image of hands or a picture of an African grandmother and child, and includes the message “I wanted to give you a gift that is truly meaningful by making a donation in your honour to the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Happy Mother’s Day!”

The cards are meant to be given to donors as a token of thanks to acknowledge their Mother’s Day tribute donation of $10 or more, so they can give the cards to the woman or women they are honouring for Mother’s Day.

If your grandmothers group is interested in receiving Mother’s Day tribute cards, please contact with the number of cards you would like, your group name, and your mailing address.

2. The Unsung S/heroes Photography Exhibit

We are excited to let you know that the Stephen Lewis Foundation has been selected to have a feature photography exhibit – The Unsung S/heroes – at the Contact Photography Festival (the largest photography festival in the world) in Toronto this May!

This exhibit features intimate portraits of African grandmothers – the Unsung S/heroes at the heart of the response to the AIDS pandemic. 

The Process Behind this Photo Exhibit

The photos and quotes in this exhibit are a result of a five-year conversation with the grassroots organizations and the grandmothers appearing in this exhibit – a conversation about how the African grandmothers have moved from agony to mobilizing to claim their human rights. How, out of the despair of AIDS, a powerful social movement has emerged led by older women. It was a conversation that included how community organizations and grandmothers want their stories to be told and what kind of representation best reflects the dignity and resilience of the grandmothers themselves. The conversation continued throughout the selection and approval of photos and quotes, as communities discussed the complexity of ensuring they owned their story and how it was told, and the representation of grandmothers – particularly as it extends to audiences outside of their own context.

Careful consideration was given to the children appearing in this exhibit who are grandchildren of the women involved in this initiative. Permission to use these photos has been granted but the children’s names have been withheld at the request of their grandmothers.

To read more about the exhibit, visit the Stephen Lewis Foundation website.

Visit the Unsung S/heroes Exhibit

If you live in Toronto or will be visiting in May, you can visit the exhibit for free from May 2-31 at the Daniels Spectrum Hallway Gallery at 585 Dundas Street East, 2nd Floor. Learn more here.

There will be an opening night launch event on May 2nd. Details have already been sent to Toronto-area grandmothers groups’ main contacts to share with their members, but you can also click here for more details.

3. Hello Spring, Hello Stride

The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign’s National Walk, Stride to Turn the Tide, will be stepping into its 8th year this June. (Stride has been called the “National Walk” since the days when the Grandmothers Campaign had groups only in Canada. But any group can participate in Stride! In fact, it’s a great way to raise visibility and funds in your community.)

There are already quite a few teams signed up to participate in this fun event. If your group is interested in holding a Stride this summer, you might like to know that it can be easier than it seems, and we are happy to support you in organizing and planning one!

There are three things you will need:

1. A main contact/organizer for your group’s walk.
2. A location for your walk – most groups choose a local park or trail (but don’t forget that a “virtual walk” is also an option).
3. Stride pride! A few committed walkers can go a long way.

For your walk to be covered by our Stride Insurance Policy, it will need to be held on any of the following dates: June 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 or 18, and we will need to know by May 13th.
If you are an individual who would like to participate in a walk in your community or will be visiting a different part of Canada in June, we would be happy to connect you with a walk in that community for you to join!

Please visit for materials, online fundraising, and Stride information, and contact us at with any questions you have!



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