Special Granny Bulletin: July 2017

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We are thrilled to announce that the SLF’s long-awaited grandmothers book will be released this fall:

Powered by Love: A Grandmothers’ Movement to End AIDS in Africa will be published by Goose Lane on October 10, 2017.

About the Book
This book puts on paper what members of the Grandmothers Campaign have known in their hearts for 11 years since the Campaign was launched in Canada — this global solidarity movement powered by love is like nothing we’ve seen before. Powered by Love: A Grandmothers’ Movement to End AIDS in Africa draws on hundreds of interviews with grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa, Canada, and the UK, to tell the story of this incredible movement from the perspective of grandmothers themselves. These stories and the accompanying evocative photos will allow people in your communities and around the world to understand the tremendous impact African grandmothers are having in the midst of the AIDS pandemic and to appreciate the power of the global grandmothers’ movement and how it grew. With this book, people will finally learn the untold story of AIDS in Africa and the power of grandmother and grandother love across continents.

Author: Joanna Henry with Ilana Landsberg-Lewis
Editor: Michele Landsberg
Foreword: Stephen Lewis
Photographer: Alexis MacDonald

The book will retail for $35 plus tax and all royalties will go to organizations run by and for African grandmothers raising children orphaned by AIDS.

Book Tour
We will be taking the book on an epic book launch tour from Oct. 11 to Nov. 9 with 40 events hosted by grandmothers groups across Canada! African grandmothers and project staff from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia will be travelling in groups of 2 or 3 along with SLF staff to speak at all of these book tour launch events.

In addition to the launches that are a part of the official book launch tour, grandmothers groups, community organizations, bookstores, and colleges & universities in Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA are encouraged to organize their own launch events any time after the book is released on Oct. 10. We will provide a video for those launches, help you acquire books for your launch, and provide feedback on developing a book launch program.

Book Sales
The book will be available in bookstores across Canada, and these bookstores will be crucial to building momentum and generating sales of the book. Independent and chain booksellers alike will be key partners in the book launch tour and in promoting and selling the book across Canada.

In addition, we’ve been able to arrange for grandmothers groups to buy the book in bulk from the publisher at a discounted rate to sell at their fundraising and awareness-raising events and marketplaces. The difference between the bulk rate and the selling price of the book would be attributed to the group’s fundraising total. The fact that there is a discount for buying in bulk means that more money will go to African grandmothers.

Whether you organize a book launch in your community, sell books as a fundraiser, encourage your local bookstore to stock the book, or promote the book online, we look forward to working with you to make a powerful impact with Powered by Love: A Grandmothers’ Movement to End AIDS in Africa.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to be in touch with us at

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