Special Granny Bulletin: March 2018

Dear Grandmothers and Grandothers,

Early this month, hundreds of grandmothers from across Tanzania marched to the offices of the Regional Commissioner in Arusha to deliver the Tanzania Grandmothers Statement! Their march was the culmination of the Tanzania Grandmothers Gathering, also attended by representatives from Uganda and South Africa – and of course, by representatives of the Grandmothers Campaign in Canada, the UK, Australia, and the US.

We’re so happy to be able to share the Statement with you today!  It was presented to media and government officials by Edith E. Tarimo, a grandmother and staff member with one of the SLF’s Tanzanian partners, UMWI. One thing is clear: the international community has again been put on notice by Africa’s grandmothers! And we know you are proud and determined to stand by them.

In solidarity,
The Grandmothers Campaign Team

P.S. More complete coverage of the Tanzania Grandmothers Gathering and March will be included in the April Granny Bulletin.

Tanzania Grandmothers Statement

photo by Alexis MacDonald/SLF

“Grandmothers are the pillars of our nation. Since HIV and AIDS came to Tanzania, we have been raising our children’s children – a generation of young people left parentless by the pandemic. We knew we had to keep these orphans close and show them love. HIV and AIDS is still a major threat to our country, but Tanzania endures, because we grandmothers have endured.

We are making history. For the first time in Tanzania, over 200 grandmothers from across the country have gathered together in Arusha to connect, learn from one another and to form a vision of the future that we want to see for our families and communities. Our movement is growing and we are not alone – we were joined here by grandmothers from Uganda and South Africa. There is great solidarity. We know that we must all use our voices. Africa’s grandmothers are rising up.”

To read the entire statement, click here.

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