Dancing Grandmas Are Raising Awareness

CKPG News.  Olivia McDonald.  Nov 8, 2018.

PRINCE GEORGE – More than a dozen grandma’s put on their dancing shoes for a Flash Mob at CNC Thursday afternoon, in preparation for World AIDS Day on December 1st.  (Click below for video)

The event is held in conjunction with similar flash mobs put on across the globe in honour of African grandmothers who are struggling to care for millions of orphaned children with HIV and AIDS.  

There are roughly 14 million orphaned children with HIV and AIDS across Sub-Saharan Africa today. In some countries, up to 60 percent of those children live in a home where the Grandmother is the head of the household.

Kathie Hilder, the Prince George flash mob coordinator explains why raising awareness for this campaign still matters. 

“To me, it’s so important because I think the AIDS Pandemic was huge many years ago but people, and I’m talking about in Africa now, people have thought that it’s been resolved, that it’s okay now, it isn’t. It’s still a very serious problem and there is still millions of children with no parents to raise them.” 

In Prince George, the local G to G group began in November 2015 when they hosted their first event “The Bring and Buy.” Over the last three years, they’ve put on other events such as golf tournaments, African Grandmother visits and fashion shows that fundraise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation African Grandmothers. 

“So for us and for me here in Prince George I have three grandchildren and I can’t imagine having to suffer through that and also to come up with the money and the food, get them educated, cloth them and house them I can’t even imagine trying to do that by myself,” says Hilder.

Since 2015 the local G to G group has raised more than $29 thousand and internationally the campaign has raised more than $33 million.  

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