Granny Bulletin: March 2020

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  1. Campaign Connections

Dear Grandmothers and Grandothers,

I’m writing this letter as I work from my home.  It is not the first email I expected to send to you as the new Executive Director of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, but it is an important one. The impact of the coronavirus is concerning for us all.  As a member and supporter of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign and the Stephen Lewis Foundation, I want you to know that we are continuing to provide funding and support to our partners in sub-Saharan Africa in their efforts to turn the tide of the AIDS pandemic.  While how we work has changed, the support to communities affected by HIV and AIDS is ongoing and cannot be interrupted even in these unique times.  The work of our community-based partners is needed now, more than ever.

Community is at the foundation of the SLF’s work.  For 17 years we have partnered with grassroots organizations in their work to provide holistic support to people affected by HIV and AIDS.  Turning the tide of the AIDS pandemic has required the expertise, action and commitment of many communities.  Grandmothers, young people, home-based care workers, people living with HIV, and LGBTQ communities have and continue to support each other to cope with immediate challenges, to regroup and rebuild, and to continue on with their lives. Together, they restore resilience that provides hope for the future.

Every day at the SLF, we have the opportunity to hear from our partners about the people and communities who are working with such commitment to make a difference. The Kimara Peer Educators & Health Promoters Trust Fund, in Tanzania, shared with us a message that one member had for people in the community affected by HIV.  It is a powerful reminder of the need to continue to support one another during challenging times.

“We need to break the stigma and silence around living with HIV by sharing our stories and letting others know they are not alone. In case no one has told you, you are doing an amazing job in taking care of yourself as well as taking care of the children under your care. You are loved and you are worthy. And you are not alone. I know how unbelievably hard it is to reach out to your peers, but I promise you it is worth it. YOU are worth it, and we should never despair.”

Over these past weeks we have seen the impact that both the stress of uncertainty and loss of social connections can have on us, and on the people we love, but we’ve also seen the power of community.  Over the coming weeks we will share stories of individual and community resilience from our partners in sub-Saharan Africa.  Stories that reveal the progress that can be made when we stand in solidarity and face challenges together. I hope you find them inspiring and I encourage you to share them and help bring some optimism to this world during these uncertain times.

As with all crises, it is the most vulnerable populations that are at risk.  People affected by AIDS will be doubly challenged by the impacts of the coronavirus. The holistic support they receive from our community-based partners will help them stay healthy and hopeful for the future.  We are committed to maintaining the critical funding our partners require in the weeks and months ahead.  I know that through your groups, you have contributed energy and creativity into postponed and cancelled meetings and events, and I hope you will, if you are able, continue your support to the SLF. Together, we can help ensure we don’t lose pace in the collective effort to turn the tide of AIDS in Africa.

Thank you for being part of the SLF community. Your commitment means so much to us. Stay safe, stay healthy, keep supporting one another.

In solidarity,


1. Campaign Connections

The Grandmothers Campaign is a social justice movement founded on global solidarity. While fundraising is a very important part of the Campaign, it is not the only core element. They way you lift one another up and form a supportive network within your groups and your communities is the reason the movement grows and thrives.

The certainty of our love and care for one another is something we can focus on and tend to in these moments of uncertainty. While fundraising events are on pause, we heard from groups on our March Campaign call, about some of the ways they are staying connected virtually, while staying home and maintaining a safe physical distance. Click here to read more!

We also wanted to let you know that the Grandmothers Campaign team is here to support you in your efforts, and to continue sharing information and offering tech guidance. Please be in touch any time, and let us know if there are resources that we can support or create that would be valuable for your group. You can reach us at

Another way that we’re looking forward to staying actively connected with you is through our ongoing Campaign conference calls. Join us on Thursday, April 16th at 12:30 PM Eastern Time for the April Campaign call, which will focus on ways to engage your supporters and donors.

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