People at my event will likely want to donate cash but I don’t want to send cash through the mail. How can I get you the money, and donors their tax receipts?

There are several parts to your question, so bear with us:

  1. Provide donor forms and envelopes for all your potential donors. That way, they can fill out their own contact information and insert the form with their cheque/credit card number into the envelope. For cash donations, have them give you the cash and fill out the donor form. People who donate a small amount, want to donate anonymously, or don’t care about a tax receipt, don’t have to fill in the donor form.
  2. Collect all the cash and turn it into a money order, or if your group has a bank account, deposit it into your group’s account and write us a cheque. That solves the problem of sending cash through the mail.
  3. Along with the cheque, be sure to send us the donor forms of those who made a cash donation of $20 or more. These forms must include all the contact information for those donors, including the amount they donated. We need their name, full address, phone number and, preferably, their e-mail address.
  4. The Stephen Lewis Foundation will issue tax receipts to your donors directly, within 6–8 weeks.